Dear ones: the voice of Love is always with you. This is an invitation to listen.

Welcome to the Circle!

The Listening Circles community provides guidance for individuals and groups to receive and trust their own Divine connection.

Do you know how to receive a lover…? Do you remember how to receive a warm spring breeze, or the smell of cookies baking in the oven? It is like that, my beloved ones. [Read complete message here…]

Many of the messages and insights received here are from Jane Smith Bernhardt, the author of two books about spiritual listening: We Are Here, Love Never Dies (2009), and The Sweet Conversation, A Guide to Spiritual Listening (2013)

In 2004, while sitting in meditation to prepare an address to the 9/11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, “…beautiful words began to articulate themselves and I simply wrote. The message was surprisingly moving and not at all the motivational talk I’d presumed the occasion warranted. It was an invitation really, to open and grieve and understand the gift of the “wounded healer” to our wounded earth.”

There are gifts here for you, too. Perhaps you have come here with specific questions, or a desire to trust your spiritual guidance. Or perhaps you are longing to know, just as Jane asked when she began her journey: “What next? What am I supposed to do? Where is my life’s direction?”

You can read messages received by Jane and Listening Circle Participants here.

Listen to audio and video recordings of the messages here.

Instructions for developing your own listening practice is here.

“The thing that waits for us here inside is the only real thing there is: the Abiding Conversation. When all else falls away there is only this – the eternal dance of lovers. The path is here, the doorway is within. The time is now.”

~ Jane Smith Bernhardt

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