How to Listen

Question: What guidance do you have for the circle?

Please tell everyone in the Listening Circle that they are doing well. They are my beloved, and it is well to remember that. I love their comings and their goings, their doubts and their efforts. I love their hopes and am close at hand to comfort their fears.

It is not up to them to be good, to try harder, to be better. What I ask is for them to turn their faces to receive me, like the warm sunshine. Feel me on their bodies, in their hearts. At this stage of the journey the only work is to receive. And that requires no effort. In fact, the less effort the better!

Do you know how to receive a lover…? Do you remember how to receive a warm spring breeze, or the smell of cookies baking in the oven? It is like that, my beloved ones. (Even death can be received like that … but this is a leap for most of you now – just keep it in mind for when the time comes.)

So when you are laying on your bed, just make a little room beside you and imagine I am there. Because, dear ones, I AM there. I am here. My messengers – the guides and angels – all have one message: “You are loved.”

Put down the newspaper and turn off the news. There is suffering in the world … But the story told is only one small part. The part that so few see is all the tender care for wounded souls, and all the help for those in transition out of the body.

Do not imagine for a moment that we are speaking of a lack of caring for the children of the world … For the animals … The earth. There is a love far greater than you can know.

Please let your pleasant task be to receive the beauty and the love, and learn to believe that it is more powerful than your minds can possibly imagine.

Stillness is helpful. You may be tired of all the hubbub of this world. You may be holding something far more glorious in your womb (men and women both). You are a cup we long to fill with the liquid gold of everlasting glory.

And, dear ones: here you are. You have come to share this journey, this quest. Our eyes fill with tears of joy. Welcome. Welcome home.


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