Guided Meditations

Meditation: You are so precious to us. You are so loved.

Breathe …. Be comfortable. Relax into this present moment…. We are here in this circle together, in this room, on this day…. Notice your body. Notice your feelings….

We are going to practice being the lover and nurturer to ourselves.

As abundantly, as lavishly as you can, whisper sweet nothings to yourself: “You are doing so well, dear one. In this life you have worked hard and we want to bring you tender, beautiful Love. You are so precious to us. You are so loved.”

Keep feeling this love and keep expressing this love to yourself. Don’t examine where it is coming from, for when you give voice to it you are acting as a channel for unconditional divine love. This is the way you deserve to be addressed! You may write the lavish words of love … and if you find you are filled with doubt, write that also. Say: “I don’t believe that I am good. I don’t believe I deserve to be loved like that. Please tell me the truth!” And then take up the voice of Love. However unbelievable it may seem, write those sweet, tender words.

Repeat with each breath:

All is Love.

All is God

I am Love

I am God.


Meditation: Enter into the quiet places of your soul.

Find a comfortable position, sitting or lying down. Then softly become aware of every part of this body, allowing yourself to relax…. This body is your deepest self’s expression … it is your vehicle in this life. Is it feeling comfortable, at peace? Is it feeling loved and nurtured?

Take a few moments to scan your body, gently exploring your head, your neck, shoulders, your arms, torso, your belly and your intimate places… your legs, your brave feet…. Allow yourself to send Love to all these places within yourself … sending gratitude for tenacity, courage, and for all the things this body has done for you in this life.


Now enter into the quiet places of your Soul, your tender core…. Take a moment to wrap your arms around this soul and say “thank you” for it has worked hard, endured much, taken you far…. Send love to this body, this soul, this self and its journey (both mortal and immortal). What courage it has taken to endure in this world, and seek to bear goodness and love.


Now listen closely with the ears of your heart …

Listen: What is your soul’s deepest longing? What does your heart crave? Listen….

This is your deepest message to yourself.

This is what you came here for.

What is your greatest longing now?


Meditation: Look upon yourself with complete compassion.

Let us begin by sitting comfortably on the floor or in a chair or couch. Notice your posture. Relax as you move into a position that allows your whole body to rest. Now begin to notice your breath, softly breathing in and out… Slowly, in and out…

Focus your attention here, noticing this body resting comfortably and breathing in and out. This is a gentle experience and you may feel safe in this listening circle. Notice the sounds and sensations around to you: windchimes, bird song, breeze…

Then notice this self, this person who is sitting still and listening. As if you were a compassionate witness, imagine yourself looking down on this human being, this mortal body that is in your care. Be gentle in your assessment of him or her.

Breathe and notice this man, this woman you are in this lifetime… Tall or short, wide or narrow, old or young. Notice with compassion this tender human creature who has come to this earth for a limited time, uncertain and often fearful of the great mysteries of this life.

Imagine yourself as observer gently wrapping your arms around this tender human. Your arms are wide and strong your love is deep and merciful you have all the time in the world to comfort and praise this human being you observe, this mortal self. Hold her tightly: this earth is a hard place to live and the Pilgrim is often tired. Hold him close to your great heart.

Notice that this mortal body grows old and dies. Like a sweet flower it has its inception, it’s bud, its blossom and its surrender. Like the flower it has its seasons of vibrant expression, then it surrenders to the natural cycle of change. Who can say which phase is more beautiful? The promise within the seed, the first tiny shoot, the awakening bud, the vibrant flower…? Or the self-surrender, the graceful yielding and the letting go?

We cannot overemphasize the importance of looking upon this human with complete compassion. Be gentle as you notice all that this body has endured and all this heart and soul have experienced as well as the gifts given to others through the years of this mortal life. Just humbly notice and hold this one tenderly because she/ he is only human and only capable of human things. So always perceive her or him in this perspective: as a mere mortal.

When you hold the self in this way you are Love itself and you possess everything he or she needs to be comfortable and to progress along this journey. As the observer you may begin by beaming love into this tender mortal and please tell her, tell him all the assurance, all the comfort, all the wisdom that she or he might need to hear.

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