About Listening Circles

“As if we were in a classroom for spirit, we are here to receive guidance, but there is no visible teacher.”

The Listening Circle is a wonderful way to explore and deepen our practice, opening to loving guidance in these times of intense global and personal change.

Here we are encouraged to lay down the burdens that prevent us from accepting the love of the universe as well as the joy of communion with our visible community. It is beautifully described in the following message I received in meditation.

~ Jane

The Golden Community

The listening circle supports a new frequency. Springing up all over, these pockets of receptivity assist us in attuning to the gracious frequencies that form the awakened global consciousness: The Golden Community. This is the next step in human evolution. Heed it well.

It is not a question of the leader teaching something s/he knows and others do not. Rather, it is a space for evolving all together in this experience we are being offered of greater unity with Source, or the Beloved. Feel and cultivate this new internal sensation as you learn to release outdated forms of mind and ego which no longer serve you.

The work of the Golden Community can be nurtured anytime, anywhere. When you are alone you may ask: “What is the voice of Love saying to me now?” When you are in groups you will experience the encouragement of the collective and you may feel waves of understanding as the new form reveals itself within the circle.

Practicing self-love and simplicity within the empathic community expands the frequency. We no longer look to the prevailing culture for the quality and form of our being. We no longer listen to the harsh internal or external critics. We no longer buy into the systems of self-centeredness, isolation, fear and greed that have dominated human history. Suspending judgment in any form we ask: “What does the lover of my soul have to say today? What am I here to understand as I listen?”

The embodiment of new consciousness requires new forms. The listening circle is one such form. As if we were in a classroom for spirit, we are here to receive guidance, but there is no visible teacher. We are here to be transformed, healed, schooled in new ways through the simple act of listening with new senses, hearing with new ears. That seems mysterious, but so does the butterfly who emerges from the caterpillar’s shroud. We are being transformed within the chrysalis of the old life. And the Divine Alchemist is the teacher.

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