Guidance for Climate Change Grief

It is very easy to become overwhelmed at the state of the planet, especially as we witness the destructive and extractive treatment of the earth that appears to continue unabated. What are we to do with these feelings of grief and hopelessness?

Here are three messages from the Voice of Love selected in response to this question. The first is a fiercely beautiful expression of rage for the destruction that we see. The others contain clear, loving guidance for these times.

May these messages support you!

Rage and Transformation

About this message, Jane writes:

Hesitant to post these wild messages, I ask my unseen guidance … and this is what I hear: “Share them. They are real. Learn to trust these nascent voices. Do not be afraid. Transformation looks like this: fire and fury one moment, sublime beauty the next. It will look like this for a while… So you may as well speak it.”


A Place of Expansion

Jane asks, “How do we hold all the suffering in this life?” This message is the response she received.


Lay Your Plumbline Deep

Says the Voice of Love,

This is the time to lay your plumbline deep. Go low –- that is: ground yourself. Be still. Listen, and listen more.


If you found these messages helpful, please share them with someone who would benefit!

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