How to Receive Messages From Your Spirit Guides

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We are here.

Your ancestors, angels and guides are here.

We wish to anoint you in your journey, which is so precious to all of creation.”

You are never alone. This is the consistent and loving message Jane receives through her guides. If you wish to make contact with your Loving Guidance, all you need to do is ask and listen.

This spiritual listening course contains five parts:

  1. Preparation,
  2. How to listen,
  3. Listening and journaling,
  4. What to do if “nothing” happens, and
  5. Information about the Guides.

May these lessons nourish you!

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Lesson 1: Preparation

Start by allowing yourself a period of quiet, undistracted time. Find a comfortable seated position.

Then, listen to this guided meditation: Ancestors and Guides – You Are Never Alone.

After listening, give yourself several moments to bask in Love!

Lesson 2: Instructions From the Guides

When you’re ready to Listen, this message serves as an excellent introduction. How to Communicate with the Divine? Listening is Your Greatest Resource.

Lesson 3: Listening and Journaling

Now that you have prepared, it’s time to Listen.

  • For your first listening, it is recommended to use a timer. Set a time for anywhere from 5-20 minutes.
  • To listen, you can begin by asking a question or stating a concern, or you can simply be open to what comes. 
  • Start your timer and sit quietly. Have your notebook nearby to record any impressions you receive.

It is important to understand that very few people actually “hear” voices. People sense in a variety of ways. Do not doubt yourself – simply open your heart and relax.

Your messages and impressions can be recorded in your journal much as you would record a dream. Describe the sensations and your understanding of them. You may wish to draw pictures that reflect the experience.

Trusting yourself is the only “work” of listening. The more you open to the Voice of Love, the more you will come to trust Love’s constant presence.

Are you ready? Begin Listening.

“Center yourself for a moment in comfortable stillness.

Breathe, relax, and notice the sounds and sensations in your environment.

Sink into this stillness as if it were a safe cocoon, and feel the gentle fullness of the air around you…”

Lesson 4: What to do if “nothing” happens?

What if you struggle to make a connection? The Guides say: Do Not Doubt Yourself.

Lesson 5: Who are our Guides?

Who are our spiritual guides? This detailed message from the Guides describes some of the different “jobs” in the spiritual realms, including those who function as Spirit Guides for us on earth. The Guides Reveal: Who is Speaking in the Silence?

Dear one, we wish to say to you: do not doubt yourself.

Do not doubt your guides and helpers, your path and your own work, your voice.

Know that we surround you in Love!

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