Kali Messages: Loose Your Moorings

Hesitant to post these wild messages,
I ask my unseen guidance … and this is what I hear:
      “Share them. They are real. Learn to trust these nascent voices. Do not be afraid. 
       Transformation looks like this: fire and fury one moment, sublime beauty the next.
        It will look like this for a while… So you may as well speak it.”

Loose your moorings and cast off into the unknown.

Perhaps it is darkness – but it is already darkness here.

Perhaps chaos is abroad

but there is chaos here

Cruelty, rage and great goodness vie for a place

on the toppling stage

The face of darkness shows herself

and she is hideous


There is nothing for it now but to go deep

and to go high

You cannot fight this time with outworn weapons

You must break out

Break open

Birth the new world

There is nothing for these times but the fierce force of Kali

Standing strong against the ugliness

Holding space at last within the storm

Of all things flying a part at once

The screams are louder

The poison is more deadly

Cruelty has taken off her mask of civility


Bow low

Reach high

Bow deep

Cry louder

And make no sound at all.





There is still the sound of emptiness

There is still the song of triumph

But you must be its voice.


But first,


You must hold its fire in your bare hands

and not be afraid.

You must feel its lash on your face, your body,

And rise up

There is nothing for it but this:

Discover that you yourself are the rage

The fury

The fire

And you know the way

You already know the way

Remember it in cell and blood and bone

Remember that you know the way.

There is nothing for it but this:

Burst open

Blow apart

Let yourself be the front line of sacrifice

It is easy

It is fiercely familiar

You were born for this.


What am I trying to say?

Remember that all were children once

All sucked the breast of God’s milk

All will be reduced to dust


What is all this manifestation

But the garbage heap of what was tried and lost,

what was lethal but is now broken

What flew high

is now in pieces


Cry out: “I pity you!

I am not beaten or forsaken

I cannot lose

I only gain strength when systems fall apart

I Am!”

Tell them “I Am” has sent you.

Tell them to bow or be broken

Tell them it is silence or obliteration

Tell them there is a way unstoppable

A progress inevitable

They are but fragments in a storm of new beginnings.

Tell them

Get out of the way

The end is here

Get out of the way

Stop what you are doing

Marching to the brink is folly.



Or be destroyed in flood, fire, earthquake, ice


Bow low


The New World is coming fast.

Get out of the way

This whole thing is going to blow

Leap now

Become invisible


Step into the emptiness


Swim out

Before the waters overtake you

Jump into the fire

You cannot burn

You will not die

You will not ever die

So stop pretending it matters so much.

Fight the battle you can win.

Join the army of the unseen, the impermeable, the indestructible.


Step into the void

Of silence.

Received by Jane
Photo by Sandro Lacarbona, Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

1 thought on “Kali Messages: Loose Your Moorings

  1. Jane, this is so powerful and feels so true. thank yoU!


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