Golden Warriors

Where is the glory that helps me to embrace

the suffering in this life?

Why do these painful things happen?

Where are You?


The healing is in your cells, in the God-center

of each minute particle of this body, this being.

There is a growing/expanding inner field of radiance at your back,

an ascendancy of light power that is unstoppable.

It is bringing eternal light and cosmic celestial power

into the three-dimensional plane

to crack it open, to destroy its isolation, to blast it with Light.


Don’t you see? There never was a gentle way to do this.

Destruction in this plane feels very real indeed.

But the pillars of this limited reality must be toppled

in order to awaken and open space for true light… eternal glory.

There is no “pretty” way to enact this alchemy.


You are a soldier of light. Nothing less.

Imagine a Super Hero emerging from the field of fiery debris…

You thought  everything had been destroyed but she appears, radiant,

walking right through the flames…

This is you, dear one.

This is who you are: a fierce warrior of light

and a sensitive and compassionate heart of love.

You are Light and Love.

You embody the victory of Love, do you not?


There are other Golden Warriors here with you…

Together you are unstoppable: this is the force of these times,

and very few see it now.

They see the detritus, the annihilation, the flames…


This is the miraculous unseen element in rebirth:

the blasting apart of the stage-set of three dimensional reality

and the golden warriors emerging unscathed and glorious

from the rubble.


Let go of your disguises: just radiate and be.

Let the light feed you every day and wait upon the glory.

Yes, you are the weary chrysalis

holding this life/death contest in your womb…

And it is painful, exhausting, ugly to watch…

But we know who will emerge in the end.

Received by Jane
Photo by Paul S Friedrichs

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