What I came here to do

I was praying for a mind in divine consciousness …  

and I was overwhelmed by wracking pain … unbearable.

The pain of all the collective brokenness of this earth.

I wept and wept.


“This is too much to bear!   Help me, please!

I care about everyone so much,

I cannot bear all this pain .”


“You can help them.” Came the still small voice.


You came here to help –

That is the mission.

Know this: that the pain is not “news” —

It’s the deal you get here: you get pain.

You get broken.

Your heart gets broken.

Brokenness is part of the deal of being here.


You got confused by the hall of mirrors.

When you step outside of that place you can remember:

“Oh right. I already knew what this place would be like.

Now I need to roll up my sleeves and do what I came here to do.”


Now tell me: what is that?

What is so important to you

That you came to this place?

Received by Jane
Photo by Paul S Friedrichs

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