The flower of yourself

Beloved ones: there are many ways up the mountain…

this mountain which is the center of your being.

Trust your own deepest knowing to take your hand

and show you the path that is your very own.


Delight in this process of discernment:

“What do I love? What do I desire with all my heart?

Warm my soul with the flames of my own Divine fires … ignited.

Let me approach the campfire where the beloved awaits me always.”


Release all grasp of “should “ and “how to…“

Ask: “Where is this fire? Help me to find it.

Take me to the place where you are dwelling… I long for you so.

This world is an empty place without you, a place I do not understand.

Please guide, invite, inspire me to find my true home – my LIFE.

Nothing makes sense until I find you,

until I learn to live and move and breathe with you.”

Ask: “Are you wanting this too?

Warm the hearth of this body, for I need you so. “


Keep crying out, dear ones. Ask every day for the scales to fall from

your eyes… for your life to be real and true –

where you are the hand and heart of divine love,

and divine love calls you by name.

Do not give up when the road is dry and rough,

when suffering abounds around you… when no effort is ever enough…


As you are seeking you are being sought. So allow yourself to be found.

Allow the living water to fill you.

Any moment now you will know that we are here…

with you, beside you, within you …

that we were never apart, nor can we be separated.


Only the illusion of your mind tells you we are not One life –

one generous life… in eternal dance.

Put down your child’s small tools and be here, now.

Surrender to our eternal dance of union and bliss.

Trust that this is, at the end of the day,

the only journey that really matters.


And when you speak this way – when you focus on the asking…

It is not that the beloved is far away and you must call and call –

it is that she is already in you – IS you –

and you are awakening this true harmony.

Then you will feel this presence which has been

perhaps forgotten in this busy life of the mind, of the solo self.

You are opening the flower of your self (the self) to its true nature

and to the sweet beauty it came forth to offer and inspire.

Received by Jane
Photo by Richard West CC-BY-2.0

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