“There’s too much stuff in the attic.”

Us: How best to go into the depth of personal consciousness to explore Light Avenues for peace and love that can manifest in the All from personal to other humans?

Well, this is quite the question and not answerable easily, but from another perspective it is very simple and can be answered in a few words: Learn to pay attention to yourself, your thoughts, feelings, even those that seem inconsequential.

Do this with the intention to eliminate or set aside those energies that do not support your innermost being. It’s like getting rid of clutter in a house, so you can see the bones of the rooms, the hallways. Once the clutter is cleared, the Avenues appear, and peace and love will glide effortlessly down those simple pathways.

Like your Uncle Howard said, “There’s too much stuff in the attic”. Live a very simple life without a lot of extraneous activities and possessions so there’s not so much to worry and think about. Then drop below the levels of daily, normal perception to a deeper state where clutter thought ceases and clarity is found.

At the bottom of a peaceful mind is light. Light is both the vehicle to bring peace and love and it is also peace and love in itself. You only need to eliminate the layers of much that lie between the top of your head and the bottom of your soul.

Received by Carole

Photo by Sunil, CC BY-SA 2.0

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