We must find it, dear ones: LIFE!

Born anew with each infant, I AM opens her eyes to know, feel, absorb. And sometimes she is cherished.

She should ALWAYS be cherished. But look at this world: is sweet beauty cherished? No, my dears: it is not a guarantee that the divine will be in any way recognized among us.

And so we actually get used to this abomination. We swim in this milieu and call ourselves alive. But we harbor addictions, cancers…We dream nightmares and lose hope. And the Life in us is forgotten.

We must find it, dear ones: we must dig for the life in this swarming soil of what is – right now – before us.

For this we need courage: hence the circles. Hence the seeking, the listening, the crying out with all our hearts. 

Each battle is fought in community. Oh yes: I think my ugliness is worse than yours and I pretend, I dress up … but time reveals the fetid flesh of each container… and the emptiness within.

I am God-self or I am nothing but a hall of mirrors.

“Drink my water! “Says the Lord.

“Where is it? Where is it?” We keep asking.

“Oh stop it!” Says the Lord. “Stop all this foolishness! There is nothing inside this shell of blood and bone but living wonder: The breath of trees in morning glades, the flutter of wings, a sweet song rising from the mist…”

Peel back the layers of flesh and fingernail – it will happen soon enough – and what remains?

What remains, dear ones, is everything that matters. Strip it now – why not? Slide naked into silky rivers of what cannot be spoken

– LIFE –

Come back to me for I have missed you so.

Received by Jane
Photo: Tony Heyward 2014 (Creative Commons CC BY 2.0)

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