Within you, the future of humanity and perhaps of the earth.

This is indeed a time of upheaval, and those who do not center themselves in deep Being will be suffering – of this there can be no doubt. The steady path inward to divine core is your surest path.

Do not ask “How?” For you know the way. Spend quiet hours in self-compassion and in receiving.

Here you will find not only beauty and peace: you will also discover, step-by-step, the way to walk into new times, with new dynamics.

Remember: the transformation of caterpillar into butterfly requires intense attention to the INSIDE — what is not explored in general in a materialistic society based on productivity and competition.

Divine companionship is and will always be available to you – indeed it will be your surest guide and comforter.

This is why the direction has been attention to self in these past years: not self-conscious, judge mental or vain attention, but “holding with compassion.”

When you set out to hold the most fragile players within yourself in infinite compassion you may feel swamped by sadness, fear or weakness. This is OK. This is the way forward … or IN.

We are venturing, dear ones, into the interior of our being and the eventual discovery there of connection with all of the earth and with humanity itself on a grand scale.

In spiritual calculation, there is no distinction between microcosm and macrocosm. When you tend your innermost self you are tending the collective.

You are frontier builders … among millions of others on this planet.

What you hold within you represents the future of humanity and perhaps of the earth. You ask how this is possible. Alchemy does not require great space.

That is, often the unseen is the most powerful player in the human drama. Look at germs which cause deadly viruses…. Can you see them? Can you see what goes on in the hearts of those who alter the course of human history? Can you identify the place where joy begins, or sorrow? What is the power of optimism?

Divine power, voice, and energy are yours, dear pilgrim.

Now is the time to go to hidden arsenals of energy within. (Do not judge what you find there. Judgment is not allowed.)

Just sent tenderly and patiently with who and what you are discovering within. Ask loving energy to come and bathe these neglected spaces… Quan Yin, Mary, Jesus, Allah…. then notice a holiness.

This, my dears, is your essence. And once you find peace there – in deepest places – you become a more complete vessel for divine power and radiance.

You may then become the most hallowed vessel: the one who allows the prayers of love – of the divine – to embody her/his innermost spaces. You become the prayer/vision of God embodied in human form on this earth. It is really very simple.

You were always my prayer. Every child I place on the earth is my prayer.… And now one… And now one… And now…

So much beauty goes into this earth… Every moment the beauty, the love…

We speak in River sparkle and leaf flutter, as well as in the hush of damp earth.

The wonders of this earth could melt a heart of stone.

Everything praise continually with song and dance and aspiration…

Only the human has forgotten how to sing. But take heart:

We are still here and we know how.

So listen, listen, listen

Until you hear our song

We are the Angels who sing Hallelujah all day long.

Received by Jane
Photo: ~Izee~by~the~Sea~ 2015 (Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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