On love, service and awareness

The greatest gift of love is service.

The greatest gift of love is awareness.

The pain you are receiving and have been receiving is to have compassion for others who you work with and you provide service to.

Allow us to guide you every day. We are so honored to be your guides and assist in your spiritual growth. There is much work to be done.

Your alignment with spirit will facilitate greater love in the areas of places where you serve. Greater awareness will facilitate openness in others. Love in the heart will facilitate organization in your work.

Keys are to focus of the divine guidance daily. Continue to meditate and receive. You will be given greater awareness as your receptivity expands.

Continue to write for this is a way to communicate that facilitates truth, understanding and clarity of vibration/energy.

Thank you for your acknowledgement of us. We are here to support every step of your journey.

There are many more areas of life which continue to unfold. Take the time with yourself to get to know yourself more intimately – this is divine Love –This is God expressing. This will allow you to have deeper compassion for others.

Conscious awareness is a great responsibility but it allows you to have greater perspective on Divine Love, Divine purpose, compassion.

Remember your connection more often and this will relieve fear that you need to do any of it on your own.

You are blessed, you are loved and most of ALL – guided by your higher self which knows the answers. You need to take the time and get quiet and listen.

Trust that ALL is in divine order and unfolding exactly as it needs to unfold. You have abandoned writing for a short time – In “time” but it is not going away.

This is the time to reconnect and remember who you are and learn your greatest gifts and strengths and Blessings –We love you!

Received by RL

Sunday 6/11/17

Photo by Paul Friedrichs

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