There is a sacred core amidst catastrophe.

This is the time to lay your plumbline deep. Go low –- that is: ground yourself. Be still. Listen, and listen more. Be simple.

The times will not get less chaotic, but what you hold deep within becomes more important. That is, your grounding in true spirituality will not topple.

All that it is not grounded in eternal being is imperiled. Everything.

Do not fear this, dear ones: we have been yearning for the truth to show its face and for the butterfly to emerge from the shattered chrysalis. We have waited so long….

In the collective there is much fragmented energy – as if from many explosions. As systems topple, fragments will fly in all directions and they may affect your sensitive spirits with their pain and fear.

Go deep. Be strong in your eternal dance of love. Here the power of love reveals herself in your vessel … and yours, and yours, and yours….

Your bright faces will speak of other truths, other pillars of strength.

At last the truth emerges from the rubble of illusion. False gods are shattered.

No: it will not be smooth or gentle. It is the rupture of membrane, the crumbling of façade.


Pray, yes, for those who suffer –- but see them rising into what is real and abiding.

Nothing will harm your sacred core, beloveds. And the sacred core of all things, all beings, will be safe –- safer than ever before. Comfort will come of the catastrophes. Truth will emerge. Love in powerful, gentle and expansive forms will spread her vast wings.

Try not to keep your gaze too long on the immediate details of all that is disturbing. These are passing forms. Your efforts, dear soldiers of truth, your perseverance, is more vital now than you can begin to imagine. Return often and often to your center of being where the dance of eternal love resides. Hold close your faith in the power of the healing heart of divine love.

All will be well.

Message Received by Jane S Bernhardt
Photo: Michael Wallace 2006 (Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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