How to navigate life at this moment.

Many people are feeling increased stress in these times of political, geological, and emotional upheaval. So I have asked my guides for some more information about how to navigate life in this moment. – Jane

♥️ Be patient, dear ones, we are here – as always. We see you and feel with you. This current “mush” of energies is hard to rise above. It is enough to survive, like the storm-ravaged occupants of areas hard hit by weather of unprecedented ferocity.

These storms are mirrored in the body’s experience. This earth is experiencing great stress. The planet and its ecosystems are one organism. The organism is undergoing a shift of great magnitude. Very few places are unaffected by this unsettling energy.

For each of you the direction is to ground yourself in infinite glory. This is why self-love is critical. Your vessel must be charged with light to ground the frenzied energies. For this you need to establish connection with the infinite. There are no magic tricks, just intend this and provide space, ease and silence to be and receive. Even if you seem to receive little, the intention is paramount. Intend to attune to the infinite and it opens itself to you.

You will feel it first on the inside, wordlessly. A deep relaxation and release. “I am releasing to infinite energy.” Try repeating that silently within yourself: “I am releasing to infinite energy”. Breathe deeply in your belly as you practice this. And then relax.

Like a little spiritual “push up” this exercise is for the eternal you — to de-stress, ground and be re-charged. You must re-charge!

What is the point of owning an electric car if you have no idea of how to recharge it?



So simple.

Message Received by Jane
Photo: Paul Friedrichs

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