You say: “the wounds are so great.” Dear ones: the love is greater.

(Part I / Click here for Part II)

Dear ones:

We wish you to know that it is time now to reach beyond your ordinary reality and begin to imagine what is true: that while you are still embodying your material existence, you already have access to far greater realms. You are not asked to DO anything – simply be aware that you stand now within the center of greater consciousness. Your focus now is to receive this realm.

You ask: “How can I receive…?”

Be still and open yourself over and over
to the experience of receiving…
Begin to delight in this communion,
because we delight in connecting with you.
See how sweet it feels in your belly to commune with our energies,
with US!

You say: “The wounds are so great.”
Dear ones: the healing is greater. The love is greater.
This is your service: to contain and share this love.

First, allow yourself to be open to these higher energies.
Relax your body in a very comfortable position
and begin to breathe deeply into your body and out again…
In and out….
Feel the energy that is light and loving —
let it spread sweetly in your veins.
Feel it’s pulsing radiance…
Experience its bliss.

Close your eyes, lie back,
and bask in this radiant bliss.
Soft now. Still. Gentle.
Do not disturb this radiance with little thoughts and worries.
Breathe deeply, in … and out…
in and out….

Fill your belly, your lungs, and your heart with this energy
and then slowly release it into the air.
Then inhale again, allowing the golden light to bring sweet sap to all of you:
Your arms and neck, your fingers and toes….

And fill your head –
not with individual thoughts, but with surges of sweet light,
like sunlight dancing on flowers
or like a butterfly whose soft wings stroke so gently….
Just focus on your deep inhalation into the belly over and over
and allow yourself to bask in this bliss….

We will be here with you,
We are basking, too.

(Part I / Click here for Part II)

Message Received by Jane
Photo: Paul Friedrichs

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