Your healing is of paramount importance!

(Part II / Click here for Part I)

It may be that you will encounter an obstacle within your body or soul to receiving these higher energies we speak of.

In this case, please stop and listen. Listen deeply and in earnest.  A wounded part of yourself may wish to speak, and to be lovingly embraced by you.

Take time in this, dear ones: it is Holy Work. There may be more than one source within that needs to speak.

Hold it reverently and give it all of the space it needs.  Listen to its message and listen to its story….

Open your heart to receive this place of pain, or fear, or anxiety.  You have never opened fully to embrace this part of yourself.

Take time, patience, and compassion to encourage this long abandoned piece of you to express itself.

Picture angels surrounding this part of you that has revealed itself. Countless flocks of angels for every burst of darkness.

Let us soothe you –- let us in. Please believe that we are here.

Perhaps there are cosmic gifts within these exiled parts of yourself. Perhaps they have helped you on your path.


Let nothing get in the way of this priority. When you do lose track, you become temporarily enmeshed within earthly energies that will repeat old patterns, or mirror old insecurities…

Try then, each time, to return to your practice, because there is nothing more important than completely loving and accepting this body and its stories.

It is also Earth Body.
As with one, so with all others:
Thus energy works.
We cannot receive God to the extent that we cannot receive ourselves.
For God is Love.

You receive God to the extent that you receive yourself.
You are the shoreline of Divinity…
The only shore, the first shore, the obvious shore is you.
You are divine embodied to the extent that you can receive Love
in the darkest, most neglected inner spaces.

There you have simply erected a barrier which says,
“NO entry. NOT worthy.”

Here we ask you to enter and visit, and we will take your hand.
This is where we wish to dwell with you …
children together, innocent of bad and good.
Just being together is fun:
Just you and me. Us.
I like you just as are.
Don’t you like me?
So simple, dear ones.

We want to be with you.
To play in the sandbox of your life.

(Part II / Click here for Part I)

Message Received by Jane
Photo: Paul Friedrichs

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