Kali Messages: Rage and Transformation

Hesitant to post these wild messages,
I ask my unseen guidance … and this is what I hear:
      “Share them. They are real. Learn to trust these nascent voices. Do not be afraid. 
       Transformation looks like this: fire and fury one moment, sublime beauty the next.
        It will look like this for a while… So you may as well speak it.”

Don’t make me laugh.
The monsters of this world deserve no pity.
Rage against travesty, against the rape, cruelty, slaughter of innocence,
With all your heart, soul, fire,
Let there be no sweet sympathy for the powerful who maim and torture the weak.

For all the exploitation of innocence there must be vengeance.
And so the Caterpillar, bloated with its own excess,
must be blown apart of its own dark fires
And it is not pretty.

Be butterfly

Let there be no shy reluctance, no claim of weakness,
sweetness or mercy.
No mercy.
For some there can be no mercy –
They must be utterly destroyed,
And that is all.

This is the voice of spirit,
of old souls crying from the bosom of earth, of God:
“Be gone Forever!
You are destroyed utterly!!”

How else will innocence return?
There must be a destruction,
There must be dismantling.
And it is not safe or pretty or painless.
It is a heavy death.

Have they stopped making war, poisoning the earth,

abusing the innocent, cheating the poor, ravaging the land,

polluting the sea, arming the heavens

with weapons of mass destruction?

They have not!
The caterpillar dies of its own greed and the earth,

the heavens cooperate.

You say: “But it also takes down the children, the innocent,
when there are fires and famine, sickness and war…
What of that – are we not to stand in the way? To stop the destruction?
Or have we been too careful?
Too careful not to ruffle feathers, to make trouble,
to upset the social order?”

What does God say?

God says it is not up to you to work the alchemy of transformation.

There is a ship going by…
It is the vessel of tomorrow:
divine cooperation and ease,
a beauty of life that we cannot yet imagine….

We are asked to board this ship, for it is the future,
And boarding it is everything.
Board the vessel of life in divine eternal form … at last.

This is the new earth and we are asked to begin to embody it.
The sooner we embody the new earth,
The sooner innocence will be nurtured,
The sooner destruction will cease.

We are asked to begin here – in the kingdom of the Self …
To be taken over by the divine energy that wishes to transform this earth.
We are asked to be vessels of this.

First and last, we come into a silence
that accepts this human form completely
And offers it to the service of a love more powerful, eternal, invincible
Than we can imagine.

But how do we deserve to do this?
Are you asking us to climb aboard a vessel of transcendence
as the rest of the world is suffering?


Because this vessel can save – and you alone cannot.
   [Remember the airplane oxygen mask analogy:
   Can you save your child if you cannot breathe?]
This world paradigm is dying of its own weight, and we are asked

— we ourselves –
to be vessels of LIFE.
As each one of us becomes LIFE, this eternal frequency

— the most powerful of all —
begins to permeate the collective.

But we are not in charge of that level of alchemy.
We only are invited into the inner sanctum of divine existence,
which is everywhere more vitally available to us than ever before.

Seize the opportunity:
Invite, and invite again, the energy of the heavens…
The source that created all of Life.

How much more powerful is Light than darkness?
You decide.

2 thoughts on “Kali Messages: Rage and Transformation

  1. Thank you Jane SO much for this!🙏🏾💕
    I happen to resonate deeply with fire and brimstone “bring it all down” sentiments of many of the Old Testament Prophets. So thank you! Thank you for your courage! Thank you for your willingness! As far the last lady of your message there is great synchronicity with one received from from Dedan via a friend. Since I am not sharing it digitally, I will arrange to call and read it to you but it resonates deeply with the nature of the alchemical transformation that you speak of. This message landed like a “Divining!” Thank You so so so Much🙏🏾And thank you Alison🐬

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for this great message, Belvie! Would love to hear the message you referred to. It is a wonderful thing to have fellow travelers like you on this amazing journey. 💕


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