Let us listen together

I am here   

on a winter morning in the northeastern United States

and ice is covering all the frozen branches of the trees outside

but it doesn’t matter anymore where I am or where you are

when we listen together we are in one place

in the place of holy silence where we, together, dream.


And in silence we receive the light, the darkness

the waters, the dry desert air … the wind …

the sorrows and the joys….

We receive all things and we are still

We are waiting for living waterto fill us

with the warmth of the beloved —

the great I Am… Àllah… Yahweh… the Mother…

Gaia… the Mystery… God… the highest consciousness…

It doesn’t matter what name we give it

for no name can contain or describe

the bliss at the center of everything


I ask you to be with me now

Please invite me to be with you


Let us be here together —  male and female, young and old

black white brown yellow  …

Let us be here now in the place of bliss in silence together.

I will hold your sorrows and you will hold mine

dear friends whom I cannot see

In our shared sorrows we will be taken to this place of bliss,

eternal bliss


My sorrows will be sweet in your grasp my friend

and I will hold yours with such tenderness, such tenderness….

Your sorrows will be precious to me, borne on divine wings

as they have come into my heart

how beautiful they will be …  

jewels within my heart.


You are not my enemy,  

your heart is not too dark for me to bear

I hold it in the place where eternity has made my waters

deep and wide and welcoming

the place where the bodhisattva and the angels

arise and descend…  

glad messengers of transformation and careful devotion.

I’m here with you now as I sit in my space of silence

impregnated by divine presence…


For so many years I have longed to be with you like this

because I have heard of your sufferings

and my mind has told me you are far away and I cannot help

but just now,  just this moment,

I realized that I could invite you…

we could be together…

that we were always meant to be together.


It is my dearest calling to be with you in union

right here right now

in this present eternal moment.

And look! It’s happening! You feel me or you begin to feel me

and together we create a piece of bliss that grows and

grows and grows and pretty soon it will shine so bright  

its light will be so exciting

that everybody will want to join us

everybody will want to be in this place of light

with you and me together.


Oh yes I believe that moment is at hand … in fact,

in fact my precious friend

I believe this is that moment

right now

Received by Jane
Photo by Hege, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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