Guided Meditation: How precious you are to us!

As the path becomes more strenuous,
the work of sustaining our holy strength is crucial.
Return to glory often. Be in eternal space.
Renew. Refresh. Refill.
(This is what the Angels do.)

Let us explore in meditation the ways in which we may be sustained
as the path gets steeper:
Our focus now is on holding and sustaining the divine core of our being –
on tending the fire of indwelling Holy Spirit.

You must accept and honor the value of your own life’s work:
Review the many offerings and fruits of your life
and remember the great effort it has been to make these offerings
in an often challenging environment.
You may bow before your own journey with gratitude and blessing.
We are here with you – you are never alone.
When you are tired we will carry the load.

Dear ones: we only wish you could understand how precious you are to us.
When you grow tired or discouraged, invite our love
and notice that it is all around you.
Remember that this human mind and body are limited,
and as you experience your own weariness be tender, very tender.
The kindness and gratitude you offer to yourself waters not only your soul,
but also the great collective field of mercy.

Right now we invite you to be with yourself tenderly and listen.
Open yourself to the presence of love,
and ask if the Lover has any message for you…
perhaps something that is very personal.

We will have a time of meditation and then return together
and you may wish to share what has come to you
or keep it for yourself to ponder alone for a while….

Received by Jane
Photo: Nicholas A. Tonelli CC BY 2.0

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