Guided Meditation: Ask the Divine Lover.

I invite you to sit gently with yourself.

Allow your body to relax….

Release tension, find the soft parts of the body’s natural rhythms….

Quiet your inmost self as you would comfort a little child:

“Hush little one; I am with you, all is well…”


Now gently scan your mind and heart,

as if your focus were a little beam of light

or a butterfly flitting from place to place within….  

Is there disturbance, sadness, uncomfortable intensity?

Is there a lack of inner harmony?

Sit with these qualities as if you were a curious and caring visitor asking, “Who are you? What is troubling you?

Would you like to speak about it?”


Now, as you hold and assemble these disparate parts, ask the divine lover in your heart’s own language to come and speak. What does the lover say to these disturbances?


And if you are blessed with no disturbances this afternoon,

just sit within this circle of seen and unseen companions

and let us be as one heart.

Let us share the love beyond naming,

and the peace that passes understanding….

Let us spend these rapturous moments together

as one body, one heart, one soul.

Received by Jane
Photo: Chris JL CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


1 thought on “Guided Meditation: Ask the Divine Lover.

  1. Jane – i LOVE this! Thank you!


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