What is Our Ten Percent?

“What is our 10%?”  This question was inspired by a message we received some time back that said: “All you have to do is 10%. We will take care of the rest.” “We” would be divine unseen helpers….

Dear ones:
You are doing it – right here right now.
Turn your focus to the sunshine of our presence…
Allow your pores to open with desire…
Allow every part of your body to ask for what it needs
your ears, your head, your neck, shoulders, arms…
Gently scan your body, inch by inch,
and allow each part to open with desire…
 … even the mind.
Let the mind say: “I don’t know.
I really don’t know very much.
Speak to me, Beloved: tell me what I need to know.”
You need to know that I AM the Source of everything.
That is what you need to know.
Attune yourself to me.
I am your reference point for Everything.
Stop looking around at the endless hall of mirrors:
the judgment, the gossip, the inadequate explanations …
        Be here. Right now, in bliss.
        Be here.
That is your ten percent.
Received by Jane
Photo by apfornes


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