Look for us in the eyes of those you meet.

“What is our 10%?”  This question was inspired by a message we received some time back that said: “All you have to do is 10%. We will take care of the rest.” “We” would be divine unseen helpers….
Look for us in the eyes of those you meet.
Your seeing will remind them.
We are here.
Embodied by your presence.
You forget that you are a collective effort.
We are cheering you on. Always.
Release attachment.
Stop trying to steer the boat or worrying where the boat is headed.
Remember you are safe.
Our harbor travels with you. We are united.
Expand beyond your limited vision.
Reflect the heart’s resonance and receive your blessings.
All these tight places are here for you to remember to shake free of the shackles of your intellect.
There is play. Joy. Creative flowing.
Appreciate the opportunity.
Your condensed state is temporary.
All this confusion is part of the experience.
Hone your conscious awareness so that you become comfortable with quiet stillness.
Your doing is in your undoing.
Surrender to yourself.
We know you are tired from the struggle. The struggle will never release you.
Walk away. We are here.
Your safe harbor is eternal.
Received by Lisa
Photo by mo pho  CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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