A deeper way of living and knowing has arrived.

You know something has changed. You can see it in the light, it’s in the breeze, in the soil, the air. A higher consciousness has broken through the clouds of unknowing. There is no way to define it but it can be described as a deeper knowing of truth, a more peaceful acceptance of the mystery. Almost as if little people pierced the veil, jumped through the curtains. A presence has entered your world that previously lived behind the drapery on the other side. You will be aware of their presence though you may not always see them. These are beings who have learned how to pass back and forth between the worlds – and there are many worlds – but here I speak of the world that is the mirror image of your world. The energy of these beings is light, they cannot be defined according to your present definitions or ways of thinking. They are not thought or mind. They are wordless. formless energy, golden light beings. They themselves do not have a defined mission, but their light is its own mission. The light in itself accomplishes without trying or intending to do anything. Its presence accomplishes everything. More and more you will live below the levels of thought, in the realm of wordless knowing. Things that have seemed so important will fall away and what is really true will take over your lives almost imperceptibly. This is all by way of saying a deeper way of living and knowing has arrived. It only remains for you to notice that they are here.


Your group meets to verify this for each other and to demonstrate the deeper way of knowing by receiving and sharing the truths that are being revealed all around you. In time, you will take this for granted and relax with the new consciousness and your group will help to normalize it for all of you. Earth has entered a new dimension.

Received by CF

Photo by Ulrike Schutz

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