What do you have to say about Sound and the I Am?

What do you have to say about Sound and the I Am?

Sound is the energy of creation, the Word, the Om, the hum the earth makes as it turns and moves through space. That is why it affects you so profoundly. You are worried about the planet and what humans do to each other. It seems so pointless to you. Sound can be a remedy for your worry. It can bring you home to a peaceful heart where Spirit and love dwell, and once you return to a peaceful heart, you can forward and share that peace with others. If you emanate static, others will feel it. If you emanate a smooth, soothing sound, others will feel and react to that as well. Sound and noise are not the same thing and the results each achieves are quite different.

Light, heat and sound are all the same energy, coming from the one Source. When you make a sound, it travels outward and goes and goes. Even when you no longer hear it, it is still traveling outward into space on and on forever. At a point, light and heat and sound are merged into the One and it is as if the one passes through a prism and is divided into light, heat and sound, the prism being a giant transformer. These energies run the universe, they are the being of you and the being of creator. They have intelligence and reasoning unlike anything you know about or can understand. Only trust the waves to carry you home. Your job is only to listen, experience and trust what the energy generates in you … the response you have to the power, presence and process of the One.

These energies are alive, that’s why they can impart life. They are not just moving particles generated by something, they have life in themselves and intelligence and understanding.

Received by Carole
Photo by Ulrike Schütz

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